How Do I Choose the Best Kitchen Countertop Paint?

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Countertops cover a large portion of most kitchens, so updating them can be a great way to give your kitchen a quick, affordable facelift. There are great ways to do so without the time and expense of big renovations. Instead of replacing counters, consider trying kitchen countertop paint. The type of countertops you have and the type of finish you would like to achieve will be important considerations.

While painting countertops may bring to mind scary images of DIY disasters, it doesn’t have to be that way with the great options that are available today. You can ask for recommendations at your local home improvement store. Many home improvement centers even offer classes to teach you how to do such projects.

When choosing kitchen countertop paint, you will need to determine whether oil or acrylic paint is best for your project. Oil-based paints usually offer a tougher finish but many people like the simplicity of soap and water cleanup they get with acrylic paint. Oil paint may be better suited to slick surfaces, however, so keep that in mind. Whichever type you choose, you should always use a primer and a topcoat of the same type as the paint.


There are some great faux finishes that can be created with kitchen countertop paint. There are kits available with everything you need to make your counters look like granite or to create other luxurious looking finishes. This can add not only to the appearance, but also to the value of your home.

If you are not experienced in such things and therefore feel a bit less than confident when it comes to creating a new finish, don’t worry, as you can hire someone to complete the project. Even after paying for the paint and the labor, the cost should still be far below any estimate for countertop replacement.

As you consider different countertop ideas, you may also want to check into waterproof kitchen countertop paint. Since there is a lot of moisture in kitchens, using a waterproof kitchen countertop paint may be beneficial. After doing the work, you will want the finish to be protected.

Maybe you just want to change the color, add some color, or tone down a not-so-favorite color. You will be amazed by the many shades and tones of kitchen countertop paint from which you can choose. When you go out shopping it is a good idea to bring something along that contains the exact colors you want to use or that you want to match, so you can select the best possible color for you project.



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