How Do I Choose the Best Kid Bandages?

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Kid bandages come in a number of sizes and shapes, and the one that you choose will usually depend on how big a wound is and where it is located. You will also have the opportunity to choose between plastic and cloth adhesive bandages. Many adhesive bandages for kids have interesting colors and designs, including popular cartoon characters. You should also consider keeping gauze pads and rolled gauze on hand for more serious wounds.

Adhesive bandages are generally the most popular types of bandages. These basically consist of a small pad of absorbent cloth that is help in place with an adhesive strip or square. Often, you will be able to purchase packages of kid bandages that contain numerous sizes and shapes of bandages.

When trying to choose the right kid bandages, consider the sizes of your children's wounds. Most of an open wound should fit underneath the absorbent pad on an adhesive bandage. Obviously, large wounds will require large bandages, while small wounds will typically only require a small bandage.


The location of the wound will also usually give you a clue about which bandage to choose. A wound on the side of the finger or the arm can be covered with a regular strip or square adhesive bandage. Traditional adhesive bandages, however, may not stay on wounds on movable joints, such as knuckles or elbows. These areas should be covered with knuckle bandages, which are designed to stay in place on a movable body part.

You can also choose between plastic and cloth adhesive kid bandages. Plastic bandages are often less expensive and less likely to leave a residue on a child's wound. Cloth bandages, however, are typically more comfortable and flexible than plastic bandages.

Most children will also prefer colored or decorated bandages. Traditional bandages are generally flesh colored or clear, to blend in with the skin. Bandages can be found in a rainbow of colors, however, including neon colors. Decorated bandages are one of the most popular types of kid bandages. Many of these have pictures of popular cartoon characters on them.

Gauze pads are also very important types of kid bandages to have on hand. These absorbent sterile pads can be used to stop heavy bleeding or cover large wounds. Rolled gauze, which is a long rolled strip of fabric, can be used to hold a gauze pad in place.



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