How Do I Choose the Best IPO Stock Options?

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Choosing the best initial public offering or IPO stock options involves using some of the same strategies associated with choosing any type of stock option, but with a few specific methods that are unique to evaluating IPO offerings. As with most investments, it is important to look into the background of the offering, assess the status of the issuing entity, and project the future movement of the options. Doing so helps to narrow the field to those options that are likely to provide an equitable level of return and become a valuable part of the investment portfolio.

Investigating the history of IPO stock options is very important. Unlike established investment opportunities, there may not be a lot of history to consider. When this is the case, getting the background on the key movers and shakers within the company issuing the public offering is a good idea. Assuming those individuals were associated with launchings of companies and securities in the past, or were instrumental in turning around a company and increasing its market share, there is a good chance they will have similar success with this new offering.


In some cases, IPO stock options may be associated with a formerly private company that is going public. If this is true, take the time to look over the financial records that the company has released as part of the preparation for the offering. Pay close attention to the growth pattern of the business, as well as its stability through different types of economic situations. This will provide some clues regarding how well the business has performed in the past and makes it easier to determine if there is a good chance those newly minted shares will be worth your time.

Along with whatever historical data you can amass, also look closely at where the issuing company is today. The idea is to determine how the business fits into its market segment, and if there is reasonable potential for growth. Consider the products offered by the business and the chances of those product continuing to attract consumer attention over the next several years. This will help minimize the possibility of purchasing IPO stock options that may not have much growth potential in the years ahead, especially if there is a good chance that those products will be obsolete or outclassed by the competition.

Always project the future performance of IPO stock options before buying them. The idea is to use all the data at hand to decide if those options will continue to grow, and if that growth is at a pace you consider acceptable. Factor in the degree of risk associated with the options to decide if the projected returns are in line with that risk. Should you find that one or more IPO stock options under consideration are backed by solid companies, have a good chance of performing well, and carry a degree of risk you find acceptable, those options may be worth adding to your portfolio.



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