How do I Choose the Best Intruder Alarm Kit?

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Choosing the right intruder alarm kit usually means considering a range of factors. Among the most important are the ease with which you will be able to install it and the clarity of the instructions. You may also compare kits based on the components that are included and purchase one that contains most, if not all, of the equipment you need to secure your home. Expandability can be important as well, and you may want to select a kit that allows you to add more components to the system. Additionally, choosing a kit that calls the police or monitoring service in response to an alarm may give you added piece of mind.

One of the most important things to consider when you want to choose the best intruder alarm kit is the ease you will have with installing it. There are all sorts of intruder alarms from which you may choose, and some of them allow for wireless installation while others must be wired to the electrical system of your home or business. If you are not an electrician or otherwise qualified to work on electrical wiring, you may do well to consider a wireless intruder alarm kit. If you prefer a wired version, however, you may hire an electrician to install it for you.


Instruction clarity may also prove important when you’re trying to choose the best intruder alarm kit. Often, an alarm kit comes with devices that are very easy to install, but the instructions are so garbled that the average person will have great difficulty installing it. While it can be difficult to determine if the instructions will be easy to understand before you buy a kit and open the package, there are ways to learn what to expect. Many sites that sell alarm kits also post consumer reviews. You may do well to read through them and cross any off your list that are said to have poorly written instructions.

You may also consider the components included in an intruder alarm kit when you are trying to choose the best one. Most kits come with motion detectors; contact sensors; a keypad through which you’ll activate and deactivate the alarm unit; and a siren. In general, you’ll want to choose an intruder alarm kit that includes as many of the components you need as possible. For example, if you need four motion detectors and some kits only contain two, you’ll likely want to choose the larger kit. You may also do well to choose an expandable kit, which means you can add additional components to the system as necessary.

Many intruder alarm kits include technology that makes it possible to program the alarm system to call the police or a monitoring service when the alarm sounds. This may give you peace of mind, as it means the authorities can be notified, even if an alarms sounds when you are not at home or unable to call. If you opt for a monitoring service, however, you will typically have to pay a monthly fee.



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