How do I Choose the Best Internal Medicine Doctor?

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Choosing the right internal medicine doctor can be a daunting task, especially if a person is at square one of the selection process. By obtaining as much information as possible about prospective doctors, an individual can make an informed decision about where to seek care. Many factors must be taken into consideration, including insurance coverage limits, locations, and doctors' credentials and reputations. With the right information, a person can make a confident choice in a physician.

Insurance companies often keep lists of doctors whose services are covered by particular plans. People usually obtain such lists by contacting representatives at their health insurance companies. When only a few doctors are covered, the choice becomes easier to make. In addition, many insurance companies can provide helpful information about specific doctors to help customers decide where to seek care.

The Internet can be of great help in choosing the best internal medicine doctor. Many hospital and doctor's office Web sites feature profiles of their specialists, providing breakdowns of their education and experience. In addition, there are many public health and wellness Web sites that allow people to provide comments and ratings about their experiences with particular doctors. An individual must remember, however, that anonymous online comments may not always be reliable indicators of a quality internal medicine doctor. User rating Web sites can nevertheless be helpful in narrowing down a list when no other information is known.


When choosing an internal medicine doctor, it is important to obtain as much information as possible about physicians' specialties, qualifications, and experience. Most internal medicine doctors provide primary care, though they may be specialists in particular areas of health such as cardiology or infectious diseases. A patient who knows what type of services he or she will likely need can limit the search to doctors who have additional training and experience in the specialty.

Of course, the best way a person can be sure that he or she chooses the best internal medicine doctor is to meet with the professional in person. The first visit is usually all it takes for a patient to know whether or not the right choice was made. Most internal medicine doctors are happy to talk about their qualifications and experiences, and explain what type of relationships they hope to establish with their patients. When a doctor and office staff are friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable, the patient can feel assured in the decision.



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There is really a sliding scale when it comes to internal medicine specialists. This is one of the most complicated areas of medicine to work in and not all doctors are created equal.

If you want to find a really good internist it is probably a good idea to start with the major research institutions. Most of their doctors are working on the cutting edge and they can give you the most advanced treatments available.

If you cannot get in there, look at what your insurance plan offers you. Sometimes a person's care will be dependent on how much they can get their provider to pay for.

Post 1

When it comes to finding a good doctor I believe in a two step process.Ffirst ask a doctor you already know and hopefully trust to make a recommendation. If they cannot give you a name they can probably give you a good idea of where to start looking.

After you settle on a doctor and receive a diagnosis, get a second opinion. I cannot stress this enough. People are quick to trust their doctors, but just like everyone else doctors are not perfect. They will not be offended if you get a second opinion and you will receive better care because of it. Take these two steps and you have a good chance of finding a quality doctor.

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