How do I Choose the Best Interior Design?

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Choosing the best interior design is mainly a matter of using your decor or home improvement money wisely. Interior design affects daily life not only because we see the living space each day, but because we have to function in it every day. What types of furniture we have and how they're placed affect how we live. If you decide to spend most of your interior design budget on an attractive living room sofa set, but then don't have enough for a decent mattress to sleep on, the quality of your daily life will be affected by your choice. The best interior design method is to take a few minutes to list your priorities in terms of furniture needs and repairs, then add the furniture or accents you desire most to your list to get when you can afford them.

You should first identify the furnishings and home decor accessories you have now that you absolutely love. These can be your core items that you can plan your interior design color and style scheme around. Choosing the best interior design for you means picking things that you really love, not that are trendy or that you want to like. Remember, when you identify your core pieces, you may want to change their color or update them. This way, when you combine old pieces with new ones, they can more uniformly work together in style, color and mood.


There are several fun ways to discover interior design colors and styles you love. One method is to stand in front of a display of paint samples at a home improvement store. Without making a conscious decision of which colors to pick, start at the top of the display and scan the choices while telling yourself to reach out and grab the sample cards of only those colors you absolutely love, not just like or feel are okay.

In doing this exercise, you may be surprised to find you like colors you didn't think you were that drawn to before. Remember, you don't have to use the colors for paint only. Instead, think of the creative possibilities of using them in your interior design as main or accent colors.

Another way of finding your interior design preferences is to thumb through home decor magazines. Pay attention to the things that capture your interest. You should soon realize which styles in items such as sinks and sofas appeal to you and which ones don't.

For example, a vessel or raised sink style may look like an elegant piece of artwork to some people and an odd bowl to others. When you've chosen your best interior design looks, it's a good idea to have a file folder or booklet in which to keep a record of them for future shopping and interior projects. You can add magazine clippings, paint chips and fabric swatches to your interior design planning file.



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