How do I Choose the Best Insolvency Solicitors?

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To choose the best insolvency solicitors, you must first find a solicitor with experience in the particular type of insolvency you are dealing with. You must then check his credentials and references. Finally, you must ensure that you are comfortable with him as well as with the fees he is going to charge for his services.

Insolvency refers to the inability to pay debts. It is a term used in Britain and certain other parts of the world that is similar to the American term bankruptcy. An insolvency solicitor does similar tasks to a debt settlement or bankruptcy attorney in the US. There is the possibility of both personal insolvency, when a private individual becomes unable to pay his debts, and business insolvency, when a business becomes too overwhelmed by its financial obligations.

To find the best insolvency solicitors, first it is important to find solicitors who specialize in the particular area in which you need help. This means if you are a private individual, you want someone who specializes in personal insolvency. To find this person, the best first step is to ask for referrals. Friends, family, co-workers, other businesses or the standard attorney you work with on other matters can all point you in the direction of insolvency solicitors who may be able to assist you.


Once you have assembled a list of insolvency solicitors, the next step is to speak with them about how they may be able to help you. Ask questions about their experiences with insolvent clients and their success in assisting clients in the discharge or restructuring of their debts. If possible, ask to speak to references or get specific examples of the past results the solicitor has had for his clients. While each case is different, a track record of quickly and easily settling insolvency cases can be very important.

Finally, you must remember that whatever insolvency solicitor you choose, that person will be with you during the entire process of resolving your debts. This means you need to find someone who you can afford to pay for the duration of your involvement. The person should also be someone you are comfortable sharing very personal financial information with and someone whom you believe will be patient and informative as he guides you through the insolvency process.



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