How Do I Choose the Best Inpatient Rehab Center?

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Whether for addiction rehabilitation, recovery from surgery, or injury rehab, an inpatient rehab center offers the benefit of round-the-clock support and care. Choosing the best inpatient rehab center depends on personal circumstances and preferences, as well as the availability of options. Some factors to consider when choosing an inpatient program include cost, length of the program, availability of space, and reviews and rating from external sources.

One of the determining factors for many people is the cost of the program. Inpatient rehab facilities run the gamut from sparse, hospital-like settings to luxury mansions with pools and five-star cuisine. For those with a limited budget, consider asking about financing options, or the availability of fee waivers or reductions based on income. In some cases, health insurance may also cover some inpatient rehabilitation programs, especially those stipulated for injury or medical procedure recovery. Be certain to inquire carefully about the total cost, including taxes and any additional fees, to ensure that budget estimates are correct.


Another major consideration is the minimum and maximum length of the program at an inpatient rehab center. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs often last at least 30 days, though some may allow stays of up to a year. A patient must be willing to commit for paying for the full time of the program, or risk forfeiting fees. For medical recovery, be certain to ask if there is a mandatory minimum length of stay, and if money will be returned should the patient recover faster than anticipated.

An inpatient rehab center can usually only provide care to a certain amount of patients at any given time, and many have a long waiting list of patients that want to participate in the program. For medical recovery, it can be critical to book a rehab center as soon as possible, to ensure the availability of care following a surgery or injury. For addiction patients, the important of immediate availability may vary between patients: those who can be adequately supervised and cared for by family members or friends may be able to wait a short time, while those who need an immediate intervention may want to find the first available space regardless of other concerns.

One final factor to consider when choosing the best inpatient rehab center involves the general reviews and ratings by former patients and outside analysts. Patient reviews can often be found by searching review websites; although the veracity of the reviewers may be difficult to gauge. Most rehab centers are also periodically reviewed by certification boards and medical associations; these reviews and ratings can often be found through Internet searches or by contacting local certifying bodies.



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