How do I Choose the Best Infertility Doctor?

When you are trying to choose the best infertility doctor, you will want to be sure the doctor has experience with your unique fertility issues. You may ask for referrals from your gynecologist to see an infertility doctor. Once you have a list of doctors, you can research each one so you know which license or certifications they hold. Then, you can interview the doctors you choose. It is important that your partner goes through the process of finding the best doctor with you.

Most likely, you are looking for an infertility doctor because you have had trouble conceiving. The first doctor you should be working with is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, or ob-gyn. Once this doctor has done everything he can, you can ask for a list of infertility doctors. If you like your gynecologist, then referrals can help you to find an infertility doctor you can trust.

It is important to research each infertility doctor on your list. You need to be sure that the doctors are current on their medical license. Your state medical board should be able to give you the information. You may also want to check to be sure the doctor is board-certified in his own medical specialty.

The interviewing process will help you to find the best infertility doctor. You will want to be prepared by writing down questions before you meet with each doctor. Your partner may have some different questions and should prepare before the interview as well. Together, you and your partner will sit down with each doctor on your list.

You may want to find out the success rate of the fertility clinic the doctor is working for. You can also explain your specific medical concerns and ask the doctor if he has treated anyone with the same issues. You may want to ask about the different fertility options and what each doctor can do for you.

Even though the most important thing is to find a doctor you and your partner can both trust, you will also want to consider the location of the doctor. A doctor that is far away from where you live may be difficult to see on a regular basis. You can also ask the doctor about how easy it is to get in for an appointment. You will want an infertility doctor that can start your fertility options right away.


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