How do I Choose the Best Individual Vision Insurance?

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Many people find that they need vision insurance at one point in their life. Some employers offer vision insurance as part of a benefits package. For people who do not work for an employer who offers this service, individual vision insurance is available. In order to choose which individual insurance plan you would prefer, you should evaluate which one meets your needs, is most cost-effective, provides good customer service and has policies in place to assist in case any issues arise.

Individual vision insurance plans generally come in one of two options: a benefits package or a discount on products and services. A vision benefits package involves making a co-payment to the eye care provider and receiving an eye examination, and then a portion of your eyewear is covered by the insurance. If your individual vision insurance plan offers a discount off of products and services, you pay whatever portion of the price is left after the insurance discount is applied. Each option has benefits and drawbacks, and you should determine which plan works for you and your family. If many family members require eyewear, a benefits package might be better for you.


In addition to evaluating each individual vision insurance plan type, you also should evaluate the cost of each. Of course, the monthly cost of having the insurance should be evaluated. The cost of the vision appointments and eyewear should be evaluated as well. For some people, the co-payment and a portion of the price covered by the insurance are more cost-effective, but others view the discount as being better for their budgets.

Good customer service is a must when shopping for vision insurance. There will be times when you need to deal with the customer service representatives of your insurance company, and some instances might be stressful, such as a billing error. Choosing a company that provides exceptional service can make a world of difference in these situations. Good customer service agents know how to defuse a situation and work hard for a resolution.

It is important to evaluate your potential individual vision insurance plan in terms of the company’s policies in regard to billing discrepancies and other issues. You should look for a company that puts its customers’ needs first and will work to find resolutions for any issues. A company like this realizes that its customers are the reason it is in business, and it will do everything within its power to make things right for them.



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