How Do I Choose the Best Hostess School?

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In order to become a flight attendant, there is a good possibility that you need to attend a hostess school. Although many airlines train their staff in-house, you can potentially increase your chances of landing a job if you have previous air hostess training. One of the best ways is to enroll in an online school because the education that you receive is quick, convenient, and affordable. Another method is to get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in hospitality, which might increase your overall lifetime earnings during your hostess career. Some potential air hostesses rely on formal flight schools for their training, but this option can be more expensive, and there is not generally as wide of an availability of these programs in such institutions.

Some air hostess employers offer their own schooling, which is often the best way to achieve the training that you need for this particular type of job. When you apply for a hostess job, it is important to determine whether the particular airline offers its own training and certification program. Such programs offer you basic skills, as well as those that are tailored to the specific company for which you work. At the same time, many airlines favor candidates who have obtained previous training in another hostess school.


An online hostess school is one of the best ways in order to achieve a flight attendant certification. Such programs are usually completed within two to four weeks, and all from the convenience of your home. Plus, obtaining an online certification is often much less expensive than going through a more formal method of training.

Aside from a basic certification, many students choose hospitality programs offered through a community college or university. Although you might still need to obtain a certification from another kind of hostess school program, obtaining a formal degree is a sound method to further enhance your chances of landing a job. Many airlines look for hostesses who have obtained a degree because workers who are educated are generally viewed as having more to offer a company. Keep in mind that attending hostess school through a college might get you more job prospects, but it is a large investment of both time and money.

Flight schools are another option that sometimes offer training for hostesses, but most of these institutions focus on pilot certifications. Depending on the area in which you live, a local pilot school might offer a steward program, although most do not. Another aspect to keep in mind is the time and cost associated with a flight school — you will likely spend more on each.



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