How do I Choose the Best Home Security Company?

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Choosing the right home security company for your residence is a process that involves evaluation of each potential candidate, comparing service offerings and plans, and obtaining feedback on how well each service provider does in actually delivering what they promise. Because it takes time to properly assess the potential of different home security systems, a decision of this type should not be made overnight. Taking the time to look into all your options will increase the chances of finding the best home security service at the most affordable price.

One of the first steps in evaluating any home security company is to have an idea of what you need. This means asking what each service can offer in the way of security measures and equipment for exterior doors and windows. Make sure to mention any additional interior features you need, such as protection for wall safes or secured areas where larger valuables are kept. Having a ready list of what you need will make it much easier to focus your attention on companies that offer the home security devices you need.


After making a list of local companies that offer the home security products and services you want, contact each one to arrange for an on-site inspection. Ask if the inspection is provided free of charge or if there is some sort of fee you will have to pay for the visit. Today, most companies that install and maintain home alarm systems are happy to look at your home for free, then make recommendations for various packages of services they think will be in your best interests. Before paying a fee, schedule appointments with every local home security company that will do the site inspection at no cost.

During each of the inspections, make a note of how much attention to detail the representative gives to the task. Beware of any seller of home security products that gives your home a quick look and then begins to rattle off the various packages the company has to offer. This is a clear sign that the rep is pushing this month’s package of choice, and is not that concerned about how effective the service would be for your situation.

Once the round of inspections is completed, focus your attention on the three main home alarm services that seemed to take time with the inspection and made intelligent recommendations for what you did and did not need for your home. In turn, get more information about each home security company on your shortened list from the local chamber of commerce, business associations, and consumer awareness groups. If possible, obtain references from each home security company on the list, and follow up on those references. You may discover information, both positive and negative, that will play a significant role in your final selection.

As with many types of home services, comparing the quoted prices for the services offered by each home security company will influence your final decision. Make sure that each quotation is for the same or very similar types of service, equipment, and ongoing support. With a bit of luck, one of the three will emerge as the clear choice for protecting your home. However, keep the contact information for other two companies on hand, just in case you find that your first selection does not turn out to be as ideal as you expected.



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