How do I Choose the Best Home Light Fixtures?

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To choose the best home light fixtures you will want to consider issues such as the design of the room, the amount and type of light that you need, as well as the type of installation you want to do. For instance, in certain areas such as stairwells, you will want to consider the illumination provided by the light, because an insufficient amount of light could be a safety hazard. You will want to choose home light fixtures that enhance the look of a room and complement the decor rather than detracting from it.

Determine what type of home light fixtures you want, such as ceiling lights or wall mounted lights. Wall sconces, for example, can make great supplementary light sources, but are often not powerful enough to light a whole room. Ceiling lights are some of the most common home light fixtures, but this designation encompasses a wide range of possible fixture types. A simple ceiling fixture with a glass globe is the simplest design; other common types include a ceiling light and fan combination, or recessed or track lighting for a more modern look.


Recessed and track lighting typically provide the most light for a room, because these may be spaced at various intervals throughout the room. They add little visual interest, but for people who want a more modern or minimalist design, they are often a great choice for a wide variety of rooms. Ceiling fans with attached light fixtures are also very functional, and can add to the aesthetic appeal of a room. They can help to cool a room in the summer and warm a room in the winter simply by switching the direction that the blades spin. In addition, ceiling fans are easier to install than recessed lighting because they may not require any modifications to the ceiling itself, if there is existing electricity for a light fixture.

In a bathroom, a light may be combined with a heater or exhaust fan to remove steam from the room. Under-cabinet lights may be added in a kitchen to increase the light that is thrown on countertops or other workspaces, or to illuminate decorative items in a cabinet. Freestanding lamps are another common type of home light fixtures, and may be used to supplement the light in a room or light a whole room. These may be floor lamps, which are quite all, or table lamps that are designed to sit on a desk or end table.



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