How Do I Choose the Best Home Decor Fabrics?

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To choose the best home decor fabrics, consider texture and pattern in a maximum of four options per room. Mixing these aspects can create an interesting palette for your rooms if you unify them with a continuing color scheme. If you have a least one common color in all of your home decor fabric choices, it's usually possible to add at least two more colors as well as have a wide range of patterns. The type of fabric you choose should be the most durable and easy to maintain for each particular use of it in your home.

For example, sheer, fragile lace can be a wonderful choice for window fabric or canopy bed curtains, yet is too fragile to use for upholstery material. Silk used for throw pillows can be elegant on a bed, yet in a family room that gets a lot of use, corduroy would be much more durable. Deciding on the best home decor fabrics in terms of the durability needed can help you narrow down your choices to better pick colors and patterns.


One method of picking home decor textiles that is popular with many designers is to select one each of a solid, subtle print, small to medium pattern and medium to large print. All four fabrics should have at least one color in common to tie them all together. For instance, if you chose purple as your common color, you could have a solid lilac material, a lavender narrow stripe, and one fabric each in small and medium floral prints that include assorted purples. Once you have your favorite combination of four home decor fabrics, you can then use them in varying amounts to create a well-coordinated room that isn't too detailed.

Generally, your solid fabric choice should be used more in the room than the printed materials — especially the larger or bolder prints. These "louder" fabrics tend to work best for accents such as throw pillows and table runners. If your budget is tight, you may want to look for at least some of your accent textiles in the discount or remnant sale sections of fabric stores.

Depending on the overall style of your room, printed home decor fabrics may make good window coverings as well. For curtains, remember to choose a weight of fabric that will allow it to hang well. Lighter weight materials tend to be best for soft pleats, while stiffer fabrics may be used for Roman shades.



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