How do I Choose the Best Holistic Sinus Remedies?

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Holistic medicine is based on the belief that the entire person should be treated instead of just specific symptoms. For instance, holistic sinus remedies focus on such things as nutritional needs and lifestyle choices as well as symptom relief. Sinus pressure and inflammation may occur as a result of such things as cold, allergies, or environmental pollutants. Most sinus issues will resolve on their own over time, but symptoms such as sinus pressure and headache can be quite distressing. Holistic sinus remedies focus on both prevention and treatment of sinus-related issues, and choosing the best remedy often requires trial and error, as each person responds differently to these treatment methods.

Both warm and cold compresses are popular holistic sinus remedies. To use this method, soak a washcloth in very warm water and then place this washcloth across the eyes and nose for three to five minutes. Follow this by placing a very cold washcloth across the same areas of the face for no longer than one minute. Continue this process three times in a row five or six times per day. This will help to loosen the mucus in the sinus cavity and reduce inflammation.


Nasal drops made from sesame oil may also be used as holistic sinus remedies. Simply place a couple drops of this oil in each nostril three times per day. This is believed to prevent nasal passages from becoming dry and itchy. It may also help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms once they begin.

The use of fresh garlic is one of the more widely used methods of holistic sinus remedies. To use this method, use a garlic press to extract the juice from several cloves of garlic. Place the fresh garlic juice in a glass container and add twice as much water as juice. Make sure the nose is clean, blowing out excess mucus if necessary, and then lie down. Place two or three drops into each nostril and sniff the solution deep into the sinuses, repeating this procedure three times per day.

Breathing in clean air is one of the most important holistic sinus remedies. The level of humidity in the air varies according to physical location. For this reason, depending on where the sufferer lives, either a humidifier or a dehumidifier may be helpful in filtering harmful particles from the air. If unsure of which one of these devices to use, an air purifier will often work just as well to help prevent sinus problems from occurring due to household environmental irritants.



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