How do I Choose the Best High Protein Shake?

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Protein shakes are an excellent source of quickly digestable protein. These shakes are typically taken as additional protein supplements for serious athletes. There are many types of protein shakes available on the market today. When selecting a high protein shake, it's best to choice one that dissolves well with most liquids and tastes good.

Proteins provide the body with essential amino acids, which are required for building muscles. The protein digestion process is a chemical breakdown of proteins into amino acids. This process happens within the stomach and intestines of the human body. Within the stomach, the body turns protein molecules into amino acids with the help of special enzymes.

A high protein shake can be made of whey, soy, egg, milk, and casein. Each protein type has different absorption properties, which determine the rate at which it can be digested in the human body. When selecting a protein supplement, first determine the desired speed for digestion. This will help the body metabolism in reducing unnecessary fat retention.


Protein absorption rate is typically faster with foods originating from animals. This includes whey, milk, and eggs. A quick absorbing protein is an excellent choice for an after-workout meal. It is best to consume this type of high protein shake within 45 minutes of completing a workout. This ensures the body will be recharged quickly, preventing unnecessary muscle breakdown. Some of the best shakes for fast digestion are made with whey and milk products.

Soy protein is a special protein made from plants. This type of protein has the added benefit of antioxidant properties. Soy protein shakes are a good meal supplement during the day. This is a low-cholesterol protein that is slower in digestion.

Casein is the slowest digestible high protein shake available. These shakes are recommended during late hours to reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery. A casein shake can take three to six hours to completely digest through the human body. Having a casein shake before bed helps reduce the breakdown of muscles during sleep.

A high protein shake can come in multiple flavors. These include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Most serious athletes use a combination of protein mixtures within their daily diets. This allows for quick-absorbing protein when it’s necessary. Some protein shakes come pre-mixed with soy, casein, and whey. This type of mixture is similar to a time-released protein that will continue to work throughout the day.



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Post 3

I like protein shakes made from milk. I also mix the powder with milk for extra protein and whey.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Pre-workout protein shakes have their place too but an after workout protein shake is more important. After your workout, your body is in need of nutrients fast and it might use muscle mass for the energy it needs. This is why it's essential to have a protein shake after working out. It should also be a protein shake that's going to be metabolized quickly. Whey protein shakes are best post-workout for this reason.

My trainer has me drink a high protein and a high carbohydrate shake right after my workouts. He says that too much protein and too little carbohydrate isn't good for building muscle either. It's good to get plenty of both.

Post 1

I have little to no appetite after workouts and I have trouble drinking a high protein shake mix after I leave the gym. I think there are also pre-workout protein shakes right?

Do those work just as well as after workout shakes?

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