How Do I Choose the Best High Heel Platform Shoes?

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Choose the best high heel platform shoes by selecting several styles that appeal to you. Narrow your choices according to which shoes offer the most comfortable feel and which ones are of a safe height for you to wear. Give further consideration to the locations where you will most often wear high heel platform shoes and make a determination about how easy or difficult it will be to walk in a high heel platform shoe on that terrain. Certain designers are known for trusted craftsmanship, so you may also want to factor who the shoes are designed by when selecting a high-heeled or platform shoe. Selecting the high heel platform shoes that speak to your fashion sense as well as offer you comfort and quality may help you in choosing the shoes that are right for you.

Platform shoes come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many such styles can be found at brick and mortar department stores and shoe boutiques, as well as through online stores and auctions. Styles vary from modern platform shoes to vintage shoes, which are sometimes referred to as retro shoes or disco shoes. By taking the time to shop comparatively, you may find several attractive pairs of platform shoes.


Experts recommend that attention to safety be given when selecting high-heeled shoes. While high heel platform shoes may offer more safety and fewer risks of foot injuries due to the less stressful way that the foot may be positioned when wearing platforms as opposed to spiked heels, you may still want to consider shoes that are of a comfortable and safe height for walking. Unless shopping by catalog or purchasing from an online vendor, try shoes on before purchasing a pair to assure comfort, fit and safety.

When shopping for high heel platform shoes, you may also want to consider where you will be wearing the shoes. For instance, walking on uneven paths can be strenuous and may increase your risk of injury while wearing high-heeled shoes. You may also want to consider how long you will wear high heel platform shoes and whether or not you will have to stand for long periods of time in your shoes.

Researching which designers are best known for the quality of shoes that they produce may also be helpful in selecting the best high heel platform shoes. Specifically, you may want to select brands that are known for durability. Consider the materials that the shoes are made of and make your selection according to which ones are the most comfortable, affordable and appealing to you.



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