How do I Choose the Best High Chair Cushion?

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Most high chair cushions can be replaced, saving you the money and hassle of buying a completely new chair once the original cushion is torn or stained. The first factor to think about is whether the cushion you are considering is compatible with the chair you have, which may require you to take measurements. The material of the cushion is also important, as it should match your home's décor and also be easy to clean. Of course, your child's comfort and safety should also enter your mind when choosing a new high chair cushion, which means that you should consider the thickness of the product and whether it can be strapped to the chair securely.

Some high chairs feature seats that come in odd shapes and sizes, making it difficult to find cushions that fit. If this is the case, you should contact the manufacturer of the chair to find out if it sells replacement cushions. Fortunately, though, most chairs are able to accommodate a range of cushions, allowing you to choose one on your own. Just be sure to measure the seat before you buy a new high chair cushion, as the replacement pads on the market tend to vary in size. Neglecting this step could result in you purchasing a cushion that is too large or small for the chair, which may look bad and could even be a safety issue.


You are probably already aware that high chair pads tend to get dirty quickly, which means that finding one that is easy to clean is often a good idea. Keep in mind that different materials require varying cleaning methods, so consider your preferences before you buy. For example, vinyl cushions can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth, while most fabric pads can be put in the washing machine. Of course, the pattern and color of the high chair cushion is nearly as important as the type of material, as you should choose one that matches your home's décor for best results. Fortunately, you can find cushions that feature common patterns like gingham and paisley, as well as those that are covered with designs that babies tend to enjoy, such as animals.

If your child spends a lot of time in the high chair, it is often a good idea to get a high chair cushion that is particularly thick and comfortable. Just keep in mind that thicker pads are usually more expensive, and also typically take a while to dry after being cleaned. Whether or not you choose a thick high chair cushion, you are advised to find one that attaches securely to the chair, either with a belt or ties. This feature can keep it in place, which is important since a slippery seat pad can be both bothersome and dangerous for a baby.



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