How Do I Choose the Best Herbal Treatment for Pimples?

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It is difficult to name one herbal treatment as the best for pimples. Different people can have various types of acne, and some people respond better to one herbal treatment for pimples versus another. As such, the best remedy can be described as the one that works well for a particular person. Among the treatments that are typically considered effective, however, are tea tree oil, vitex, and guggul. Since the effects of these and other herbal treatments can vary depending on who uses them, a person may have to try these and possibly other remedies to get to one that works well for him.

Tea tree oil is among the herbs commonly used to deal with acne. This oil is derived from the leaves of a plant called Melaleuca alternifolia, which is also referred to as the tea tree. To use this treatment for pimples, a person can dilute the oil with water and apply it to the affected areas of the skin. It is usually used as an herbal treatment for pimples and other blemishes when a person has acne that is mild or moderate, as more severe cases may require stronger remedies. When it works as expected, it helps by reducing inflammation and also by fighting bacteria that contribute to acne.

Vitex can also be used as an herbal treatment for pimples. This herb, which is also called chaste tree, is often used to help regulate hormonal imbalances. As such, it can sometimes help treat cases of acne that are caused or aggravated by hormonal changes. In fact, it may be particularly effective for treating acne that develops right before a woman begins a menstrual cycle. The remedy is derived from the fruit of the vitex plant and is often taken by mouth in pill form or as a tincture.

Some people also use guggul as an herbal treatment for pimples. This herbal remedy comes from the mukul myrrh tree and can be taken by mouth to fight acne. The drug has a hormonal-like effect, and seems to affect people in some of the same ways as taking the hormone estrogen might. Some researchers have tested guggual and found that the results a person can get from taking it also are similar to those obtained when taking the traditional medicine tetracycline. This herb is generally available in pill or tincture form.

Though these herbal remedies are generally considered safe, a person may do well to consult a doctor before starting a new treatment. Some herbs can cause side effects or even interact poorly with one's traditional medications. A doctor can help a person determine whether a specific remedy is optimal for him.


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