How Do I Choose the Best Herbal Treatment for Cystitis?

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When choosing the best herbal treatment for cystitis in an individual situation, it is important to note that each person responds differently to each of the treatment options, so a trial and error approach is often necessary. Some of the herbs that are commonly used to treat bladder inflammation include cranberry, garlic, and buchu. Additional herbal treatment for cystitis options include goldenseal, marshmallow root, and uva ursi. These herbs may cause negative side effects in some people and may not mix well with certain medications. A doctor should be consulted in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and to find out if an herbal treatment for cystitis is an appropriate addition to conventional medical treatment.

Cranberry is perhaps the most popular herbal treatment for cystitis and other urinary tract disorders. This fruit is believed to stop the growth of harmful bacteria in the bladder and reduce pain and inflammation associated with cystitis. Those who are allergic to aspirin or are prone to developing kidney stones should use caution when using this remedy.


Garlic has been used for centuries to combat infections and may be helpful for those who suffer from inflammation of the bladder. Stomach irritation may occur when taking large doses of garlic, and those with bleeding disorders should consult a physician before using this treatment method. Buchu is used as a natural diuretic to help flush harmful bacteria from the bladder. Pregnant women should not take products containing this herb due to an increased risk of miscarriage.

Goldenseal may be used as an herbal treatment for cystitis and is thought to reduce inflammation and shorten the duration of urinary tract infections. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use this herb due to possible toxic effects on babies and young children. Marshmallow root is often used as a diuretic and may ease symptoms of infection and inflammation. Patients with diabetes or impaired kidney function may not be able to safely use this remedy.

Uva ursi has a long history of being used for urinary system disorders and was widely used as an antibiotic before modern-day medications were developed. Liver damage is a potential complication of this treatment method, so extreme caution should be used when taking this supplement. No herbal treatment for cystitis should be used to replace proper medical care, although many supplements may be useful additions to an overall treatment program under the supervision of a qualified medical professional.



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