How do I Choose the Best Hemorrhoid Cure?

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Choosing the best hemorrhoid cure can take some time and thought. People should first familiarize themselves with the different treatments for hemorrhoids so they can make informed choices about the best methods. Moreover, especially when the condition can’t be treated by over the counter or home cures, people should consult a knowledgeable doctor, or a couple of them to get a few opinions and to help them review the available options.

There can be many potential hemorrhoid cure methods, and these may depend on degree of severity of the condition. Some people develop a single external hemorrhoid after a bad case of diarrhea. Spending a few days doing sitz baths or soaks, and dabbing the growth with witch hazel pads could be enough. Eating a diet high in fiber, which bulks up but softens bowel movements and prevents straining, may augment a cure. Some people also benefit in using a hemorrhoid cream.

Pregnant women often take this approach as a hemorrhoid cure, under advisement of their doctors. Since their condition is often limited to the length of the pregnancy and may not occur until the third trimester, a more aggressive cure may not be necessary. In fact, many people could benefit from this approach with a few devices that help get through the condition with less pain, like hemorrhoid cushions for easier sitting and less straining.


Not all people have a time-limited condition and some people may routinely get external hemorrhoids or prolapsed hemorrhoids, which are internal ones that may be protrude from the anus. When many of these are present, if home methods aren’t working, or if internal hemorrhoids are a source of significant bleeding, people may want to explore the hemorrhoid cure options available from a doctor.

There are several different choices. Some hemorrhoids can be removed with heat, radiofrequent waves, chemical injections or lasers. Another method is to place a band around the hemorrhoid that removes blood supply from it. This causes it to shrink, and the hemorrhoid and the band usually fall off in a few weeks. For some, a better hemorrhoid cure is offered by surgery.

There are two surgeries that may be used — hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoidopexy. The first surgically removes each hemorrhoid, and the second uses a staple to push them back into place. Both surgeries have advantages and disadvantages. As a hemorrhoid cure, hemorrhoidectomy has much lower rates of recurrence, but stapling usually has quicker recovery time and is a less extensive surgery. No matter what surgery chosen, people still do need to work on behavior that might be causing this condition to repeat, and this means adhering to diet advice and consuming a diet high in fiber.

Given all the choices, it’s hard to say which is the best hemorrhoid cure. That is highly individualized to each person. When this condition can’t be assisted by treatments at home, having a trusted doctor is the best choice a person can make. A knowledgeable physician, sensitive to this issue and willing to partner with a patient in making selections, will help most people decide which option is most appropriate to them.



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