How do I Choose the Best Hay Fever Cures?

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Many people suffer from hay fever each year, and as a result, they search for hay fever cures. Although there is no specific set of medicines that can be taken to provide definitive hay fever cures, several natural remedies and medications exist to help ease or even eliminate symptoms altogether. Local honey, certain other foods and herbs, petroleum jelly and medications might be used to provide hay fever cures. Choosing the best cure depends on the availability of products, whether natural products are important, cost and other factors.

Some people who have suffered from seasonal allergies and hay fever for many years recommend local honey has one of the best hay fever cures. This generally works for pollen allergies but is not of much use against pet or other non-pollen based allergies. The honey is produced by local bees and contains small amounts of the local pollen that is causing the allergy. It is believed that by ingesting the honey and the local pollen, your body develops immunity to the pollen, which cures the hay fever. Local honey might be found at local groceries or farmer’s markets and is fairly inexpensive, making it a great choice among all hay fever cures.


Many people believe that certain foods, plants and herbs, such as onions, garlic, horseradish, nettles and butterbur, can be used for hay fever cures. These items contain various chemical components that might be used to eliminate or completely reduce hay fever symptoms. For instance, onions contain quercetin, which is credited with alleviating runny nose and watery eye symptoms. The form in which these items might be ingested varies but is generally found in tea, pill or powder form in many health food stores.

Another contender for possible hay fever cures is petroleum jelly. Although this works only for airborne allergens, many people believe that it effectively eliminates breathing in the allergens, thereby eliminating hay fever symptoms. Placing a small amount around the edge of your nostrils might help catch and trap allergens before they enter your body, triggering an allergic response. This is a quick and inexpensive solution that might be used in conjunction with other remedies.

Many people look to medications as a last resort for hay fever cures. These products generally help relieve symptoms for a short time but do not cure the problem completely. Many people also feel that the drowsiness these products generally cause impedes daily life. Medications are available over the counter and by prescription, and they come in the form of pills, eye drops and nasal sprays. Many people have had success with nasal sprays relieving or eliminating their hay fever.



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