How Do I Choose the Best Halal Catering Service?

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Choosing a halal catering service is similar to choosing any catering service. The biggest difference is that a halal catering service must conform to strict Islamic laws regarding food content and preparation. The catering service must also meet your personal requirements and your budget. Once services meet these three basic requirements, it is a case of choosing the best fit.

First, before making any decisions and doing any research, look at the event you are organizing. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary or a birthday party, you will have needs. Make a list of the kinds of food you want to provide and in what style. Ask yourself if it is a sit-down x-number of courses meal or a take-what-you-like buffet. Make sure you also know your budget — tell catering companies your budget is less than it really is to get more savings.

The second stage is the research phase. There are a number of ways of conducting research for a halal catering service. First, you can check local business directories for catering services in the local area. Second, you can ask friends, colleagues and relatives for any recommendations. Third, you can do an Internet search. If a company does not operate in your local area, you can cut it off the list.


Once you have a list of catering services, you need to whittle the list down to a short list of the best-fitting options. The first way to cull catering services is to find out which ones can provide a halal catering service. In order to be halal, the service must not use any pork products in any of its cooking. It must also not use any alcohol and it must slaughter animals in the correct fashion according to dhabihah.

Next, strike off companies that do not do services for the kind of event you are planning. Also remove those who cater to clients above your budget bracket and also those way below it. When checking their information and websites, cut out any that do not feel right to you or do not offer the kinds of food you want.

Once you have your shortlist, you need to then invite the caterers around to discuss business, or visit their premises. A good halal catering service will be willing to discuss menus and prices with you. See how the companies can tailor their services to your needs. Also, ask them for a taster, as many are willing to offer samples for a small price. Based on this information, you can make an informed decision.



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