How do I Choose the Best Hairstyles for Round Faces?

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A person with a round face typically has full cheeks, a round chin, and a relatively wide forehead. While there's certainly nothing wrong with a round face, the right hairstyle can help accentuate the natural lines of the face in order to keep the shape curved, but not overly plump. The best hairstyles for round faces can be short, medium, or long, since the shape of the cut may matter more than the length.

Some of the best hairstyles for round faces are short, framing cuts. By using wispy bangs and defined layers, these cuts help alter the shape of the face, breaking up the round line. Chin-length layers can be great for people with rounder faces, while hair can be styled either curly or straight. If straightened, layers can be curved inward to help create an elongated look at the chin. Chin-length curls can also be great, with a few shorter bangs to help break up a rounded forehead.

Medium hairstyles for round faces are often the easiest to maintain. One of the most popular medium length hairstyles for this face shape is the long bob or “lob” haircut. In this cut, hair ends just above the shoulders and is straightened with in inward curve to make the face appear more oval shaped. Some shorter layers may be added to brush the chin, giving the cut some additional levels for styling options.


For hairstyles for longer hair, swept-back hair can look great, but a tight ponytail can emphasize the roundness of the face. Half-up hairstyles that leave some bangs or layers loose can be great for elongating the face. Additionally, styles with side parts create an asymmetrical line that will make the chin look more pointed and the forehead more oval. Center-parted styles are not usually recommended for round faces.

With long hair, the best hairstyles for round faces involve lots of layers. As with medium cuts, these help frame the face by adding lots of different levels of hair. For people with naturally curly hair, one of the best ways to work curls into hairstyles for round faces is to loosely straighten the hair to chin level, then allow it to fall into graceful waves and spirals. This look benefits a round face by drawing the eye downward toward the spectacular curls. Short, side-swept bangs can also help frame a round face to perfection while still allowing for longer styles.



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@minthybear19 - You should look at classic hairstyles from the 1940s. The ideal woman had a round face and short fashionable hair. The makeup was also pretty subtle back then. The '40s style is on the rise again -- you might even set a trend.

Actresses like Lilian Gish, Olivia Mary De Havilland and Vivien Leigh all were superstars of their times and set the example of beauty.

If you don't want to go retro, a China Doll style would probably look really good. It's clean, simple and cute. Bobs can be really cute with any style of makeup and in any color.

Post 1

I have a very round face and every time I go in to get my hair cut, I wonder if the style I'm getting is just making my face look rounder. Finding haircuts for round faces is hard enough since most people just want whatever is super popular.

I currently have a layered shoulder-length style -- which I'm happy to hear is apparently a good style for someone with a round face. I was thinking about changing to a new look this season -- does anyone know any cute hairstyles for round faces? In particular, one that goes with fair hair and subtle makeup if possible.

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