How Do I Choose the Best Haircut with Bangs?

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Some common considerations you’ll need to make when choosing a haircut with bangs include your face shape and hair type. Other less common, but just as important, factors you’ll need to consider include your skin type and the amount of time and effort you can devote to upkeep. Once you spend time reviewing these factors and browsing pictures of various haircuts with bangs, talk with your hairdresser about the styles she would recommend.

The five main types of face shapes are oval, long, round, square, and heart. Typically, each type of face shape will allow for a haircut with bangs. Your job is to figure out which type of haircut with bangs will work for your face shape.

Fortunately, there are a few general rules, or suggestions, you can follow. Such suggestions include opting for wispy or side-swept bangs or fringe if you have a round or oval face. Blunt bangs can help cut keep a face from appearing longer, and arched bangs that blend in with the rest of the hairstyle can help soften square, angular face shapes. Some types of haircuts with bangs can accentuate features, as is the case with eye-length bangs with a heart-shaped face. Other kinds of bangs, such as feathered bangs, can work for all types of face shapes.


When choosing the best haircut with bangs, your hair type will play perhaps an even bigger role than your face shape. This is because no matter what face shape you have, your hair type must allow for the bangs you choose. For example, coarse hair typically doesn’t flatter blunt bangs. Curly hair tends to work with soft, wispy bangs but not with feathered bangs. Straight hair often allows for fringe, feathered, and arched or mini bangs.

Also think about your skin type. If you have skin that’s prone to breakouts, you might need bangs cut and styled to sweep to the side. Depending on how acne-prone your skin is, you might need to avoid bangs altogether.

All other factors aside, you must consider the upkeep of the haircut with bangs you choose. This includes the time, products, and even accessories involved in styling your hair. Upkeep might not be an issue if you have straight hair and your bangs are cut in such a way they naturally fall into place. On the other hand, if your hair is naturally curly, styling your bangs might take more effort. Before getting a haircut with bangs, consider the amount of time and effort you have and are willing to devote to styling your hair each day.

Keep in mind that your hairdresser is a great resource for help choosing the best haircut with bangs for you. She can talk with you about how your face shape and hair type will affect any particular haircut styles you’ve chosen. Your hairdresser can also suggest different types of haircuts that will work for you. Even if you’ve found a picture of the haircut you want from a magazine or the Internet, your hairdresser can provide you with books full of images and descriptions designed specifically for someone choosing a haircut. Once you and your hairdresser decide on a hairstyle, she can then show you the best methods for styling bangs, as well as suggest products that will help you achieve and maintain your style.



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Post 3

I like short, layered bob haircuts with short bangs. I think when short bangs are cut for an otherwise long haircut, the bangs look a little out of place. But a short bangs on a short bob cut looks like it's part of the cut.

Post 2

@bluedolphin-- I think feathered side bangs would also look good on you. These bangs are cut in the "feathered" style and are either divided in the center swept to both sides or swept to one side. Feathered bangs are a great way to reduce volume in thick coarse hair because it gives hair a thinner, finer appearance. This style is also very easy to style and you will not feel like it's getting in your way.

Post 1

I have a round face with a small forehead and the only type of bangs that work for me are side swept bangs. And these bands should not be very thick.

I had blunt bangs when I was a kid. I'm not sure what my parents were thinking. When I look at those childhood pictures now, I realize how wrong those bangs were for me. First of all, they made my face look even shorter, like half of my face was not there. And since I have thick hair, they never maintained their shape and always got in my way.

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