How do I Choose the Best Hair Stylist?

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If you take the time to choose the best hair stylist for your needs, you may be able to be satisfied with your hairstyles for many years. Once you find a good stylist, it is often possible to have that same person style and care for your hair on a regular basis. Having a stylist that works well with your hair type and style preferences can help ensure a good hair care outcome.

Recommendations from someone you know can help you choose the best hair stylist; however, he or she should have experience working with your hair type. For example, a curly hair stylist is experienced in working with natural curls. Many hair stylists don't like working with very long hair, as it typically takes longer to set and style. Some salons charge extra for setting really long hair, so it's best to check prices ahead of time. If you find a hair stylist who does exceptional work on your hair, it may be worth the extra cost.

Some trendy hair salons are more expensive mainly because they offer the latest looks and feature stylish decor. These full-service salons do often employ some of the best hair stylists for modern looks. If you want to choose the best hair stylist in a trendy salon, look for one whose personal look you admire. Trendy hair stylists usually dress in the latest clothing styles and, of course, model up-to-the-minute hairstyles.


A budget hair cutting shop is the opposite of a trendy expensive salon. If you want a basic hairstyle and don't mind a plain, no-frills decor, a budget hair salon may be the place in which to choose the best hair stylist. There may be a higher staff turnover at large budget salon chains, so you may not be able to have the same hair stylist for years. Getting your hair cut and styled at a hair stylist school is another budget-friendly alternative to a trendy salon.

Location should be a consideration when planning to choose the best hair stylist. You could select a salon either close to your home or your workplace, depending on when your schedule allows for hair appointments. For those who are home-bound due to an illness or other reasons, a mobile hair stylist may be the best choice. Mobile hair stylists come to the customer's home. They may provide cutting and styling services for an entire family in one visit.



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