How Do I Choose the Best Hair Piece Accessories?

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To choose the best hair piece accessories, consult with an expert at a wig supply store. She can help you select the items needed to keep your hair piece in top condition. Consider buying a storage container that will keep your wig free of dust. Styling tools are another option, but be sure your hair piece is made to withstand heat and styling. Before using hair piece accessories that could be damaging, read the instructions that came with the hair piece.

If your wig is made of human hair, consider storing it on a foam head, as this will keep the hair from becoming tangled. Human hair pieces may also form split ends, so you must use caution when styling. The same rule should apply to synthetic fiber wigs. To choose a proper comb or wig brush, read the care instructions. Don't use the same brush and comb that you style your own hair with.

Your hair piece accessories should include some type of bond for adhering the wig to your head. A good hair piece accessory to own is a roll of medical-grade adhesive tape, which can be purchased online or at your local supply store. Some hair pieces work best with a liquid fixative. You might need to experiment to learn which method works best for your particular hair piece.


Never use a shampoo intended for natural hair on any of your hair pieces. You must use a specially formulated shampoo that is gentle enough for synthetic fiber. Even if your hair piece is made from human hair, it's best to buy products made specifically for wigs. You should also use a gentle, non-static conditioner weekly, or as needed. Do not use hair sprays that contain alcohol, as these may damage the hair piece.

Styling holders are good hair piece accessories to own. These stands are usually portable or collapsible for easy transport when traveling. You can find an inexpensive styling stand online, but be sure it has a solid base, preferably with a suction cup bottom. Consider purchasing a travel hair-care set that includes travel-sized wig shampoo and other products.

A spray-on wig freshener can keep your hair piece smelling fresh, while a wig restorer can add luster. Other convenient hair piece accessories are toupee hair clips and nylon hair piece caps. You should also consider buying a gel headband that can prevent your hair piece from shifting on your head.



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