How Do I Choose the Best Hair Clip for Thick Hair?

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The best hair clip for thick hair is one that has wide teeth in its comb, will not close on itself, and is large enough to accommodate all of your hair. A specific style of hair clip that you may enjoy is the octopus clip, which is versatile and specifically designed for use with thick hair. Choosing a hair clip with these attributes can protect your hair and make wearing a clip more comfortable.

When searching for a hair clip for thick hair, be sure to look at the teeth on the item. You won't want to purchase a clip that has tiny teeth on its comb, because these are designed to grasp thin or little amounts of hair. It's possible that using a clip with small teeth will cause you discomfort, as it can pull on hair too much. Breakage of the item can result, if your hair is especially thick. Generally, the bigger and wider the teeth on the comb, the better it can hold your hair.

A good hair clip for thick hair will usually not close all the way on itself, as the hair will need room to be gathered and styled. Clips that close won't provide you with this type of space. Those with large and flexible springs can hold large amounts of thick hair, and last longer than their smaller and more inflexible counterparts.


The size of potential clips is also an important aspect to consider. Small clips are usually not appropriate for thick hair, since their hair-grasping capabilities are minimal, and the tension required to grasp hair can be great. In addition, the springs and comb teeth on small clips can break easily when used on a lot of hair. You may even have to use more than one them to achieve the same results as you would when using a hair clip for thick hair.

A great hair clip for thick hair on the market resembles an octopus, as it is large and is built so that it can grasp a substantial amount of hair with ease. It can give you the advantage that you need, if you're having trouble controlling the way that your hair moves and is presented. This clip is also extremely versatile and can be used with any number of hairstyles and outfits. Octopus hair clips are available in different forms, including the claw and bun jaw. Each of these clips serves a different purpose, and you'll have to choose the appropriate clip for your desired hairstyle.



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