How Do I Choose the Best Grooming Equipment?

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There is a wide variety of grooming equipment available; what you choose will be largely dependent upon the type and breed of the animal. Once you have identified what items are specific to the animal in question, you might choose to consider grooming equipment quality, whether the items are appropriate for the type of animal, and any special conditions that might exist. Also, obtaining recommendations from friend and family as well as animal professionals is another great way to find the best grooming equipment.

When choosing these items you generally want to educate yourself on the types of grooming equipment that is appropriate for your animal. For instance, long-haired breeds usually need brushes and combs that will not pull their hair, while short-haired breeds can handle a wider variety of options. By learning what types of items you need prior to purchasing, you can usually avoid wasting money on things you cannot use. Many grooming products are available, so obtaining items that are necessities might also be a good choice.


The grooming equipment industry has a wide range of products and price points. Certain things, such as grooming slips or wash basins can usually be purchase rather inexpensively and still be quality products. Other times you might find it necessary to spend a bit more to obtain something that is of suitable quality. It is usually advisable to buy the highest quality items within your budget to avoid harm to the animal or the need to purchase additional grooming equipment in the future.

Another consideration is the appropriateness of the items for the animal. Size, durability, and material will vary among items. When purchasing for a large strong animal, pay attention to products that are designed specifically for animals this size, with heavy-duty components. Wider combs are usually necessary for larger animals with thick, coarse hair, so the hair does not become caught or tangled.

If an animal has skin allergies, eye watering, or a thick long coat you should generally purchase grooming equipment that is specifically designed to address these. Sometimes you do not need anything special, and something that is meant for general use will be sufficient. Knowing your animal and how it reacts to certain ingredients and materials is also good.

While you generally shouldn’t base your whole decision on the recommendation of others, they are usually good to consider in conjunction with other factors. Some individuals have vast experience with certain products and will likely be able to provide you with a great deal of knowledge about them. Also, experiences with customer service, packaging, and pricing might be relayed to you.



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