How do I Choose the Best Graduate Biochemistry Program?

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A graduate biochemistry program is available through an accredited university and is usually organized with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This type of program has specific admission requirements, such as a bachelor of science degree from an accredited university. Alternatively, some schools will accept a diploma from a community college, together with related work experience. These students are often known as mature students, and credit is granted for life experience.

A major research project or focus is typically part of a graduate biochemistry program. Look for schools that have an active research department. The easiest way to evaluate this is by looking for a department dedicated to research. Read the granting announcements and see how many prestigious or multi-year grants are awarded to faculty at a particular school.

Many students in a graduate biochemistry program restrict their interest to their alma mater, but this is not necessary. All accredited school credits and degrees are transferable and evaluated by other schools. It is important to note that having a graduate degree from a prestigious school is more valuable than having an undergraduate degree from a particular school.


When evaluating the best graduate biochemistry program, look at the student support services. For example, a student with family responsibilities may find that a program with online course options and family student housing may be helpful. Other schools may offer on-site daycare at reduced rates or access to a fitness center for the students and their families. It is very common for graduate students to have a partner and small children. Think about your daily life, what will fit, and find the program that works for you.

Talk to the different schools about their procedures to receive transfer credits from other schools. This is very important, as many people complete courses at a variety of schools and combine them into their degree. In addition, some students transfer schools completely during their education, and the ability to transfer these credits to another school is critical.

Courses offered at this level should be taught by faculty who are recognized experts in their respective fields. Review the research focus of the faculty members to determine if any of their research is of interest to you. At the graduate level, the primary research interests and funding of the faculty determine the research projects available. Invest the time to research the options and select with care.



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