How Do I Choose the Best Glass Carafe?

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Choosing a glass carafe can be a challenge because there is such a wide selection available. Besides your personal design and style preference, there are a couple of key factors you want to consider, including quality and if the glass carafe will suit your needs. If you are going to use the carafe to store something, you will probably want a carafe that has a top on it.

A glass carafe is often very similar to a decanter, and the two terms are often interchanged. Most carafes come without a top, whereas a decanter nearly always has a top. If you are only going to use it to serve instead of store beverages, a carafe should work fine.

Most glass carafes are very simple. They have a body and an open top to pour out the liquid. Simple glass, as opposed to crystal or other treated material, is fine if you are going to use it for cold juices or room-temperature liquids, such as liquor or wine. If you are going to use it for hot liquids, such as tea or coffee, considering purchasing a carafe that is made with a heat-resistant glass.

Carafes sometimes come with accessories. Glass carafes often come as part of a set. Some come with a set of glasses that are made in a similar design or have a similar color or pattern. A glass carafe that is made for holding liquor can come with an aerator or shot glasses.


The design of the glass carafe can be both aesthetic and practical. Carafes that come with a handle or are designed like a pitcher are easier to pick up than a regular carafe. If you have children or someone in the house who has trouble holding things, a handle or pitch-like carafe can make a difference. For hot liquids, it’s best to choose a carafe that has part of it covered with an insulating material or has a separate handle.

The colors and styles of glass carafes are varied, so you can easily choose one that matches your décor or other dishware. Most glass carafes are clear, but there are some that come with frosted glass or hand-painted designs. If you want a specific style or color, many artisans, such as glass-blowers, offer more unique styles and colors and will often create a custom-made carafe.



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