How Do I Choose the Best Girls' Trundle Bed?

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A trundle bed is one that pulls out from underneath another bed to provide additional sleeping space. When choosing a girls' trundle bed, the overall design of this furniture can be very important. It should be easy to operate and comfortable to sleep on. You can find trundle beds in a variety of styles, some of which may be part of a bedroom set. Unlike a boy's trundle bed, one made for girls does not necessarily need to have sharp lines but often contains more feminine patterns instead.

Some trundle bed parts resemble dresser drawers, and one of these models could help disguise the fact that there is an extra bed underneath a regular one. Many times, a girls' trundle bed also contains smaller drawers underneath it, which could provide valuable storage space for overnight guests. Other types of trundle beds resemble wooden panels, or might simply disappear underneath an elevated bed frame. Some things to consider when choosing a design are your overall room decor and type of girls' bedding you are using since you may want the furniture to be attractive without interfering with bedspreads or dust ruffles.


It can be a good idea to pull the girls' trundle bed out and then slide it back into place to see how easy it is to operate. Make sure it does not catch in certain spots while being pulled out. If possible, have the girl who will be using the bed most of the time operate the trundle so you can see if it is difficult for her. You may also want to have her lie down on the mattress to see if there are any springs protruding, as these sections sometimes have unusually thin, uncomfortable padding.

A girls' trundle bed may have elaborate scrolls or rounded curves, and pastel colors are also very common. This can make it easy to find furniture that is more pleasing for girls. If you are redecorating an entire room, you may want to look at sets of furniture that includes dressers and mirrors, or you could simply choose a bed with rounded shapes to use as an accent piece. You could also match the trundle bed to other accessories such as curtains or throw rugs to create a custom look for a girl's bedroom whether she is an adult, a teenager, or a very young girl.



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