How Do I Choose the Best Garlic Flakes?

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In order to get the best garlic flakes, shoppers should try to research the nature of the original garlic that is used to make these products, as well as the processing techniques used to create the dried flakes, and the presentations for storage or use. All of these aspects of the supply chain for garlic flake products affect the quality of the product. The best garlic flakes are typically simply processed from pure, natural cloves of garlic, and not compromised with other unrelated ingredients.

The usual technique for making garlic flakes is not extremely complicated. Fresh garlic is cut into small bits and dried with application of heat, specific machinery, or a combination of the two. In some cases, sun-dried or oven baked garlic flakes provide superior products. In general, it’s important that garlic flake makers apply just the right amount of heat to the products in order to avoid over-drying, and that the product is made with an eye toward flavor preservation.

Many of the best garlic flake products are made from pure, unadulterated garlic. Some inferior products may include fillers such as salt or preservatives. Quality dried garlic flakes can be made without additional materials, if the drying technique is sufficient to preserve them. In some cases, additives serve a purpose, but others are simply fillers, which many buyers avoid.


Another consideration with dried garlic flake products is their shelf life. Many varieties of these products will keep for up to one year on the shelf. After this time, they are prone to lose flavor and even, in some cases, become spoiled. Looking at the expiration date for dried garlic flakes is important, even though these products are typically considered non-perishable, in order to choose the best products that will add the most taste to recipes. Taste-testing, when possible, is a great way for buyers to know that they are selecting the best dried garlic flakes available, as taste can differ greatly from one product to another.

In selecting the best garlic flake products, buyers can also benefit by knowing what kinds of garlic went into the final result. In some cases, products made from organic garlic are superior to others, where the garlic plants may have been treated or otherwise altered to affect their taste and quality. It’s also important to understand whether a company uses fresh garlic to make dried garlic flakes, or lets the original garlic get old before drying, which can produce a lower quality product. As a rule of thumb, higher quality products will typically include more detailed information about the product on the packaging than sub-par equivalents.



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