How Do I Choose the Best Garden Hose Fittings?

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There are several types of garden hose fittings, each serving a specific purpose in the yard. The best ones are those that add the desired functionality to the garden hose and faucet. These can be quick-connect fittings that allow hoses to be quickly hooked and unhooked from a source, or they can be hose adapters that allow multiple hoses to come from a single faucet. Different fittings also can be made from different materials that can help to determine which one is the best for a particular garden. Ultimately, choosing the best garden hose fittings requires knowing the intended use for the hose.

One of the more popular garden hose fittings are called quick-connect fittings. These are devices that attach to the end of a hose and come in male and female varieties. They allow a hose to be quickly attached and removed from another hose, a faucet or some other outlet. Quick-connect fittings are a good choice for a garden where there are multiple hoses and only one faucet, as could be the case with a soaker-hose irrigation system.


Another type of fitting is a garden hose adapter. These are basically splitters for a faucet. Instead of using a quick-connect fitting to manually switch hoses, several hoses can be hooked up to the adapter at the same time. Each of the separate taps that come out of the adapter can be turned on or off as needed. One potential problem with an adapter can stem from a lack of water pressure, in which case only one hose could be used at a time.

Some garden hose fittings can help to adjust the flow of water through the hose itself. One example is a compression fitting that will cause the water to come out the end of the hose faster than it normally would. There also are mesh filters that can be attached to hoses when debris might make its way into the water stream.

The best garden hose fittings will be easy to attach to a hose and be safe for use. While hose clamps are frequently used to attach new fittings, there are alternatives, including some fittings that come with their own custom clamps that are very easy to attach. Some people have trouble getting hose clamps to attach securely, so finding a self-attaching fitting could make a large difference.

Another consideration when choosing the best garden hose fitting is the material from which it is made. The fittings can come in brass, aluminum, steel or plastic. Plastic fittings are less expensive than the other fittings, but a brass fitting will last longer and be more durable. An important thing to note is whether the fitting has any lead content. Many do not but, if the garden hose is going to be used for drinking water, it is important to find a drinking-water-safe fitting.



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