How Do I Choose the Best Garbage Disposal Button?

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Many varieties of garbage disposal button are available to suit the mechanical requirements of a garbage disposal system, as well as individual tastes. As prices can range from the very affordable to the relatively expensive, it's important to choose a reliable and visually appealing component for this kitchen component. Switches come in various sizes, styles, and mechanisms, numerous materials, and with or without accessories such as outlet boxes and air feed lines. Purchases might also depend upon preferred brand or whether other garbage disposal components require a specific type.

A garbage disposal button can be mounted nearly anywhere within arm's reach of the kitchen sink. This might include placement on the sink surface itself, a countertop of nearly any material, as well as in cabinetry. Some switches resemble the traditional rocker arms of light switches, those rockers or toggles with conventional on and off positions. Others may appear as flush-mounted circular buttons attached to a cylindrical base to be mounted inside a specifically sized hole. Certain controllers might feature watertight enclosures with additional control features such as reverse settings and automatic shut off.


An air switch type garbage disposal button is often accompanied by a mountable outlet unit with an air feed line. This permits remote operation of the control unit and eliminates hazard from electrical shock by distancing the controller switch from the button. Switch activation occurs through a burst of air traveling in a plastic tube. The button can be placed in closer proximity to the sink with no danger of crossing water with electricity.

Before purchasing this type of button, however, it's important to make sure that it can function with your particular type of disposal. The air switch eliminates the need for installation of an electrical wall switch. It does, however, require a power source nearer the disposal unit.

Some types of garbage disposal button activators feature touchpad-type operation using fiber-optic sensing. Others may have buttons that sit flush within their flange, or raised buttons for easier touch operation. Not only are these buttons produced in modern materials such as plastics and stainless steel; they're also available in more traditional materials, such as brushed or polished metals, and even antique brass, copper, and pewter.

Before purchasing a garbage disposal button, it's necessary to consider installation requirements. Decide whether you need to drill any holes or do any electrical work, or whether you should hire out the job to contractor. Research products and user experiences to determine if the price and installation costs are worth the value of the button's final performance. A satisfactory selection of this vital kitchen mechanism will ensure safe and satisfying performance with minimal technical issues over the life of the unit.



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