How do I Choose the Best Free Wire Transfer?

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Sending money from one location to another requires a reliable free wire transfer service. Finding a trustworthy service is imperative. Begin looking for a free wire transfer service by finding out whether or not a service is truly free.

Far too many companies claim to offer free wire transfers while this may not be entirely true. Take the time to read the fine print before deciding upon any one company. Make sure that no fees will be applied to sending or receiving funds. Ask about foreign exchange fees, and whether or not processing fees apply. Contacting a customer service representative for payment details is always a wise idea.

Next, spend some time scouring a company website for speed information. A free wire transfer that takes more than five days to complete may not be worth your time. This information should be located directly on a company's website. If these details cannot be located, make sure to contact any company you are considering doing business with.

One crucial aspect of choosing any free wire transfer service is security. It is impossible to be too cautious when sending money to any location. It is unwise to conduct business with a transfer company that does not have a solid reputation. Check consumer reviews, contact the Better Business Bureau, and attempt to find out if a company has ever faced financial troubles. If a company seems suspicious, avoid dealing with this company at all costs.


Depending upon the amount of money that you intend to transfer, you may want to find out if any monetary limitations apply to transfers. Some companies do not allow large amounts of money to be transferred at the same time. Other companies may put a limit on how much money can be transferred during the course of one day. Again, if this information cannot be found, be sure to contact a company's customer service department prior to transferring any funds.

Speaking with people who have used a specific service before is also a good way to determine whether or not a transfer service can be trusted. As with most other things, finding out what company those around you deal with is a great way to discover a company that you can trust. Sending money through a free wire transfer safely and securely can be done by following the aforementioned steps. Researching each free wire transfer company prior to sending any money is a wise move.



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