How do I Choose the Best Free Rehab?

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Generally speaking, the best free rehab is the one with a strong reputation. The goal, then, is to find that facility. The reputations of free rehabilitation centers depend on a variety of factors such as location, staff, funding, and other resources as well as patient success rates and, of course, the individual patients themselves. Sources that can help you find free rehabilitation programs include area courts and employees, community programs for mental health and other services, and former patients of free rehabs in your area.

There are numerous online databases that list free rehabilitation centers. Although these databases seem to provide a wealth of information, it’s probably safest to use this information for reference purposes only. For example, if a database lists a free rehab in your area, contact that facility for more information. Also, determine upfront whether you need to stay close to home or if traveling is an option. These databases can cover entire countries, but it is usually more affordable to consider those facilities in or close to your area.


You might not have a choice when it comes to which free rehab you attend. If you’ve committed a crime and you have a substance abuse problem, attending drug or alcohol rehabilitation might be part of your plea or sentence. When a judge or probation or parole officer is requiring you to seek services for alcoholism or drug addiction, chances are the court will determine which rehab you attend. More often than not, court-ordered rehab is free to attend. Typically, when a court orders a person to seek alcohol or substance abuse rehabilitation, the court or government pays the cost.

On the other hand, you might be seeking free rehabilitation for drug addiction or alcoholism on your own. If this is the case, it’s most important for you to avoid scams during your search. Begin by contacting your community mental health center, your department of health and human services, and any other social services office in your area. These centers specialize in various kinds of mental, physical, and emotional health issues as well as developing life, occupational, and social skills. Chances are one or more of them can recommend at least one reputable free rehab in or near your area.

You can also seek out free rehabs when you visit area meetings for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Talk with these people about any free rehabs they might have attended. Find out what they liked and disliked about the centers, and whether or not they’d recommend the centers to others seeking recovery. Attending these meetings is also a way to obtain free support from people who have experience with drug and alcohol addiction. You might even want to continue attending these meetings after you complete rehab, or during your treatment if you receive outpatient care.

Keep in mind you can always contact rehabilitation centers in your area and ask whether they offer free rehab. Even if they aren’t government-funded, some drug and alcohol centers will offer free services to patients who meet certain financial requirements or are considered to be under financial hardship. If they don’t, they might offer services on a sliding-fee scale, which means you’ll only pay a portion of the costs, based on your income. Too, they might be able to suggest a free rehab facility in or near your area that has an acceptable reputation.



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