How Do I Choose the Best Free Marketing Plan?

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Creating a marketing plan is one of the most essential aspects of running a business and, while making a marketing plan from scratch can be difficult, there are many free marketing plan templates online from which business owners can choose. Choosing the best free marketing plan begins with finding one that reflects the company’s niche, because marketing strategies that work for one niche will not necessarily work for another. An important aspect is the ability to change the marketing plan to fit the company’s realistic goals. The marketing plan also must include marketing that is reasonable for the company, because some companies may not have the capital for large-scale marketing. Companies also should use free marketing plans that connect with the correct consumer, because incorrect marketing can backfire and damage the company.

The first thing a free marketing plan has to do is target the company’s niche. Some free marketing plans are made to be broad, so anyone can use them, while others are tailored for a specific business model. Still, if a company sells ice cream, then a marketing plan made for a boating company likely will not be suitable; the marketing strategies will not work, and the target market is completely different. If the exact niche cannot be found, then a similar niche may be suitable.


Many free marketing plan documents are difficult to change, and only present a sample plan that the company can try to adapt. It is best if the marketing plan can be changed and altered to suit the company’s goals. For example, if the marketing plan states that the marketing goal is to increase customers by 70 percent, a new business or a business will low sales should realize this high figure may be untouchable. A free plan may need to be altered to make all goals and strategies realistic for the company.

A good free marketing plan also will show how the company can market itself, such as online, print, television and other facets. For a new business, or one with little capital, it may be impractical to market through all these channels. Such a company must consider its marketing budget, and alter the marketing plan so it works within the company’s budget. Finding a free plan that already suits this need will be the easiest.

The free marketing plan also must connect with the right customer. Even if the plan addresses the company’s niche, the target customer may be wrong. For example, one company may target an older market while another company targets a younger market, but they both sell a similar product. The age and lifestyle of the potential customer could determine whether he or she will respond to the ad or tune it out.



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