How do I Choose the Best Free Invoice Forms?

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Businesses that sell products or services that aren't paid for on the spot often need invoice forms. These are forms a business can send to its customers in order to request payment. Some businesses purchase invoice forms or pay for software that includes invoice form templates and options for printing. If you are a thrifty businessperson, however, you may opt to look for free invoice forms online and use them to bill your customers. Often, choosing the best free invoice forms means selecting those that provide enough space for contact information, are suitable for your particular business, and are offered in a format for which you have a compatible program.

One of the most important parts of choosing the best free invoice forms is opting for those that allow you to have your business information clearly printed on the top of the form. It is important that your customers immediately see who has billed them upon receiving your invoice. It's also important that your customers have your contact information front and center, so they know where to send payment or how to contact you if they have questions about an invoice. Additionally, you'll likely want to choose free invoice forms that provide enough space for you to include your customer's name and address as well.


It's also important that the free invoice forms you choose have plenty of room for you to list the products or services for which you are billing. Having space to describe products or services, list quantities or hours, or add comments may prove helpful as well. When customers are able to see exactly what you've billed them for, they may feel more comfortable paying the invoice without further questioning. Likewise, they may feel comfortable enough to use your services again, as they may not feel as if you've overcharged them or been vague about your billing.

You may also do well to look for invoice forms that suit your particular type of business. If you try to use a free invoice form that is made for selling products but your clients pay you by the hour, you may have a difficult time. For your business, you may need to list the hours you spent working as well as a rate for each type of task you performed. To create professional-looking invoices, you'll need an invoice form that suits this need. Likewise, you probably won't want a service-focused invoice if you are billing for products rather than services.

The format of the free invoice forms you choose is important as well. It's wise to make sure you have a compatible program to use with the free invoice forms you choose. If you download a free invoice form but do not have a compatible program, you may be unable to use it. You may be able to print some free invoice forms right from the Internet, but in such a case, you'd likely have to use a pen to fill the form in. This may not look as professional as a typed invoice form.



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