How do I Choose the Best Forex Affiliate Program?

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Online trading is big business, and foreign exchange (Forex) affiliate programs let website owners make a profit from it when they promote trading sites. A website that deals heavily with currency trading topics can benefit from a plan that lets the site refer customers to a Forex broker or trading system. When choosing an affiliate, the main thing to look for is that a reputable broker is running the plan. It is also typically necessary to look at several factors, including payouts, trading platform, and broker fees to make sure the program is reliable.

Forex affiliate programs can be a good way to monetize a website with Forex or related financial information. If a website isn't about the foreign exchange market or other investment programs, a Forex affiliate program probably won't be very successful. No matter how many people praise the affiliate plan, it is unlikely to make much money for a website owner who puts it on a site about roses, shoes, or some other topic. In other words, to be successful, the site needs to draw people in who have a particular interest in the currency market.


It is also necessary for the site owner to understand the Forex market to really optimize the site and get the most possible out of the affiliate relationship. Someone with little knowledge of the currency markets will probably have a difficult time choosing the best Forex affiliate, and may choose one that won't offer much in terms of commission.

Brokers that have been operating online for a long time are, in general, more reliable than new brokers. Age alone isn't enough reason to consider them trustworthy, however. Look at the broker's website for things like regulation information, which is required in some countries, like the U.S. The broker's physical office address and phone number should also be on the website. If this information is missing, that can limit your ability to reach the broker, and may hint that the firm may not have an actual physical business, or exist outside of the Internet.

Another thing to consider when choosing a Forex affiliate program is the amount of commissions and fees the broker charges. Most add up to about four pips on the current market spread and earn according to these numbers. If they add more than four, then their commission is much more substantial, which usually means less money for investors and affiliates. Look for extra charges to clients, like fees for withdrawals and other small account activities, to determine if the broker overcharges.

Be aware of things like minimum investment amounts, transaction costs, and other factors that may affect how successful investors can be. Anything that severely limits their profits will also limit how profitable the Forex affiliate plan is. Programs that are essentially scams are designed to get people to make a large initial investment that they quickly lose. They make money through volume of customers who are cheated out of their money. Look for programs that focus on long-term relationships with clients to help make sure you sign on with a legitimate brokerage.

Finally, most reputable brokers offer a demo version of their trading platform, whether it is online or downloaded. This should allow potential investors to become familiar with the software before they pay anything. Look for things like real-time quotes, account history and tracking, fast execution, charts and market analysis, and availability of leverage. A Forex dealer that offers these things to investors generally gives them a better chance of success. That means that Forex affiliates also have better odds of making more referrals and higher profits.



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