How Do I Choose the Best Forearm Support?

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To choose a forearm support, it is a good idea to choose an item which has been proven to be ergonomically sound and is also in your budget. There is some debate on whether or not a full forearm support is necessary, but some studies have shown that they may help reduce strain on not only the forearms, but on the wrists as well. If you do choose to purchase one, go with a company which offers a money-back guarantee, and one which has gotten good reviews by consumers. In addition, ask your doctor about his or her recommendations if you are purchasing the support for existing health problems are injuries.

Most forearm supports are devices which position and support the arm while typing or using a computer mouse. There are also supports which are used in the event of injury that hold the arm in a neutral position so that the muscles and bones can heal. For a typical desk forearm support setup, you can make your decision by shopping carefully and paying careful attention to consumer reviews and reports on an existing model or brand.


You should also speak with someone at the company from which you are thinking about making a purchase. Ask questions about any studies which may have been done proving the effectiveness of the device, as well as any situations when using it may not be recommended. If you live in the United States or Canada, you can also check the company with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any unresolved complaints regarding their products or services.

Your doctor may also recommend a forearm support, especially if you have an existing condition like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. These may be sold in medical supply stores or professional pharmacies. If you do have an existing problem, your insurance may cover the cost of your support. If you will be using the support for your desk at work, your company may be liable for purchasing any products which are deemed necessary for proper ergonomic back and arm support.

If you have injured your arm or wrist and require a forearm support for that, you can check your local pharmacy for options. There are braces which are designed to aid those who have carpal tunnel syndrome and other conditions by correctly holding and positioning the wrist so that it stays in a neutral position. If pain continues or worsens after purchasing an over the counter product, however, you should consult your doctor for further advice or treatment.



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