How do I Choose the Best Folding Stairs?

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Choosing folding stairs might seem like a simple task; however, there are some important aspects of this decision that should be considered. Anyone who is considering the purchase of folding stairs should think about how often they will be using the stairs, who will be climbing the stairs, and what, if anything, might be carried up the stairs. Once these aspects of the decision making process are worked out, measurements should be taken in order to obtain stairs that will fit well in the given attic space.

One of the measurements necessary to choose the proper folding stairs will be the the amount of space needed for head room. Also, consider the height and weight of the person or people who will be climbing the stairs. This is very important because folding stairs can hold different weight loads. Check the specifications of various ladders before purchasing. They should hold a minimum of 250 pounds (113.39 kg).

If the stairs will need to fit through the opening of an attic or ceiling space be sure to measure the opening and compare this to the specs of the ladder. Also, check the height of the ceiling from the ground up to make sure that the folding stairs will be tall enough to reach the ceiling space, and likely to form an angle for easy climbing.


Be sure to determine what type of storage space is available for the stairs. Disappearing attic stairs are a great option for attic access, and they save a lot of space if this will be an issue. Disappearing stairs are generally very sturdy and easy to climb up, and often have hand rails which provide extra safety for the climber.

Regardless of the type of folding stairs chosen, safety should be at the forefront of a buyer's thoughts. The stairs should be strong, with thick threads that are at least 3/4 inches (1.91 cm) thick. There should be metal rods in place under each thread to help make the threads stronger.

Aluminum folding stairs are a popular choice of many buyers because of their sturdiness and weather resistance. Keep in mind that wooden ladders can be just as sturdy and reliable as aluminum frame ladders, but one aspect to consider is wear and tear. If you plan to use a wooden ladder frequently, splinters can become a nuisance.

The last element of choosing folding stairs is looking for stairs that come with a good warranty. A good warranty is usually a sign that the folding stairs will be reliable and that the company has confidence in its product. The same goes for price, though bargain shoppers might not like to hear it. Higher priced folding stairs generally result in a safer and more reliable product.



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