How Do I Choose the Best Foil Blanket?

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While many people can be under the impression that a foil blanket is a one-size-fits-all product, nothing could be further from the truth. Buying the best blanket can be a matter of selecting an item that can withstand the elements to which you plan to expose it, deciding on a reflective or colored exterior coating, and determining an appropriate size for your needs. Customization options also exist if you need to personalize the blanket or advertise on it.

An important characteristic to look for in a foil blanket is weather-resistance. Items that can endure extreme temperature and climate changes are more likely to be useful during different kinds of emergency situations. For example, a product designed to remain flexible while exposed to freezing temperatures can be comfortable to use during a blizzard, while an item created to resist mold and mildew can be appropriate to use during a hurricane.

You may consider choosing a foil blanket that has a shiny or colored exterior if you intend to use the item to protect yourself on dangerous or solitary outings. An extra-reflective surface can call attention to your presence from very far away, which can come in handy if you have an accident that leaves you distressed or immobile. Products with aluminized polyester coatings can adequately provide this characteristic. Some foil blankets may come with a colored, orange side to denote a warning or emergency situation to any passersby.


If size is an issue, you may want to buy a foil blanket that is compact. Many products can be folded into a small, travel package so that they can be carried inside a bag, pocket, or survival kit. These items, typically created from Mylar®, are designed to be disposable and can be available for purchase at a low price. Larger items, such as those that are made to fit over more than one person, or are created with heavier material, like bivy sacks, can be more expensive. Emergency blankets made out of higher-quality material are usually more durable than their cheaper counterparts and have the potential to be reused.

Should you be a marathon runner who employs a foil blanket to regulate your body temperature after running, you may want to choose a product that can withstand printing. Doing so can help spectators and judges to identify you, and can also mean extra advertising for your sponsor. Customization options can be requested through manufacturers. You should be aware, however, that blankets used by marathon runners are typically packaged in rolls.



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