How Do I Choose the Best Floss for Kids?

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Selecting the best floss for kids can depend on factors such as the age of the child, the condition of his or her teeth, and whether or not there is any dental hardware involved. The best kind of floss is typically dictated by the space between a person's teeth, so you will want to begin your selection process based on whether your child has any permanent teeth yet. Dental tape is a good choice for young children with a lot of space between their teeth, while kids with braces typically do best with spongy floss. You may also want to consider providing your kid with a child-sized manual flossing device, though older children do well with electric flossers.

Dental floss is a product that can be used to remove food particles from between the teeth, and flossing is typically recommended as a part of any dental hygiene regimen. It is important to select the right floss though, since different people can have unique needs. There is no single type of floss for kids that will always be the best choice in every situation, but there are a number of factors you can look at to help you select the right product. Perhaps the simplest approach would be to ask your child's dentist for advice.


One of the first factors to look at when choosing floss for kids is whether the child has any permanent teeth yet. In most cases, permanent teeth are closer together than primary teeth. If your child has primary teeth that are widely spaced, then you should look for dental tape, or another type of floss that is specifically designed for that type of usage. Children with a mixture of primary and permanent teeth may need more than one kind of floss, though that depends on how close together the individual teeth are. If your child's teeth are especially close together, you should choose a waxed floss that can slide easily into the tight spaces.

Braces, and other dental hardware, are also a major consideration when looking for the best floss for kids. Some types of floss can shred or become stuck in braces, so in this case you should look for a product that is spongy and resilient. Spongy flosses are typically designed to dislodge food particles that are stuck in and around braces without tearing or causing any other issues.

Manual and electric flossing devices are another option to consider, since they can make flossing easier and more fun. You will typically want to select a child-sized manual device for small children, since regular flossers may be to large for their hands or mouths. Electric devices can be a great choice of floss for kids who are older though, since they are typically easier and faster to use. If your child enjoys using an electric toothbrush, then an electric flossing device may be an especially good option to try.



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