How Do I Choose the Best Flavored Lip Balm?

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With the extremely wide variety of flavored lip balms on the market, choosing the best product can be an overwhelming process. To choose the best flavored lip balm for you, it may be helpful to consider a few factors before you begin shopping. First of all, decide if you would like a particular flavor, and think about whether you prefer balm in a stick, pot, or squeeze tube container. Then, consider whether you would like a flavored lip balm which is made from natural ingredients, which contains sunscreen, or which adds a hint of color to your lips.

If you wish to purchase flavored lip balm, perhaps the first factor you should consider is which flavor you prefer. Lip balms are available in an extremely large number of flavors, from traditional cherry or vanilla varieties to exotic or unusual ones like starfruit or even bacon. Deciding on your preferred flavor may simplify the shopping process by immediately narrowing your range of choices.

Next, consider what type of balm container you prefer. Lip balms are commonly available in twist-up sticks, screw-top pots, and plastic squeeze tubes. Of these, pots are perhaps the sturdiest, although they may not fit easily into a pocket. As squeeze tube balms tend to be less dense than stick or pot formulations, many people find them to be sticky or messy.


When deciding which flavored lip balm you prefer, you should also consider whether you would like a formulation which is made from natural or organic ingredients. Some of these ingredients, such as beeswax or aloe vera, may help to moisturize your lips. Further, organic products are often cruelty-free.

Additionally, decide whether you want a flavored lip balm containing sunscreen. The sun protection factor (SPF) for most sunscreen-containing lip balms usually ranges from 15 to 45. Choosing a balm which contains sunscreen may be a good choice if you anticipate spending time outdoors.

Finally, consider whether you would like a flavored lip balm which adds a hint of color to your lips. If you would like a balm with color, you will likely be able to choose from products which contain a sheer stain and those which contain a subtle shimmer. Once you have considered all of these factors, you will have created a mental “checklist.” You can now begin shopping for your flavored lip balm, considering only those products which fulfill all the criteria on that checklist.



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