How Do I Choose the Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair?

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Choosing the best flat iron for thick hair involves considering the type of hair as well as its length. Matching up the size of the plate to the hair length is essential when deciding which one to buy. The plate material is also usually a factor depending on personal preference. Temperature settings play a part according to the length and condition of the hair. Price may also be important when choosing amongst the large variety of flat irons on the market.

When choosing a flat iron, the most important aspect of it is the size of the plate. To pick the correct size flat iron for thick hair, compare it to the hair length — the general rule is the shorter the hair, the thinner the plate. For hair that's shoulder length, a plate that is 1-2 inches (about 2.5-5 centimeters) should suffice, while below the shoulders requires a plate that is 1.5–2 inches (about 4–5 centimeters).

The three major plate materials are titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline, each of which is appropriate to use on thick hair. However, it's important to know how each affects hair to pick the best option. Titanium usually straightens hair in a faster time, but ceramic typically causes less damage, which is an asset for those who straighten their hair often. Tourmaline produces a negative ion output, which means it helps combat frizz and keeps hair shiny.


The thinner the hair is, the lower the temperature needs to be, otherwise the iron will cause the hair damage quite quickly. A flat iron for thick hair should have a temperature setting between 380°F and 410°F (about 193°C and 210°C). Considering the thickness of hair ranges from person to person, the ideal flat iron is one that comes with adjustable temperature settings — one with a digital display is the easiest to use. Regardless of the highest possible temperature setting, never put the flat iron on the hottest one.

The price of a flat iron can also play a role in which one is worth the purchase. It's not necessarily true that the best flat iron is the most expensive. One that is expensive may have the same desired features as one that costs significantly less. After evaluating the features of the possible options, compare the prices in order to find the best flat iron for thick hair that's also within budget.



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