How Do I Choose the Best Fitness Plan for Women?

Choosing the best fitness plan for women depends on many individual factors that make a workout actually work out. To narrow down the best fitness plan, it is important to take an accurate assessment of current fitness level and amount of time that can be devoted to the plan. Other important considerations include fitness goals, type of activities enjoyed, and getting the most efficient workout for the time available. Most importantly, the best fitness plan for women is one that brings results and is easy to maintain.

One of the biggest problems with many workout plans is that they are simply too far above a person's physical fitness level, which can lead to injury and a fast burnout. It is important to spend some time analyzing current fitness level before choosing a fitness. One possible way to start is by walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a moderate pace, then assessing fatigue at the end of the workout and muscle soreness the next day. Similarly, try doing a 20 minute weight workout with five- or ten-pound weights. Using these as barometers, a woman can begin to understand where she is in terms of fitness, and how far she can push her workout without worrying about over-exhaustion or an increased risk of injury.


A fitness plan for women may work better if it is tailored around enjoyable activities. Some women may love running but hate swimming, or love to dance, but hate all forms of treadmill activity. Luckily, a good fitness plan can be built around nearly any type of core exercise, as long as it includes some cardiovascular and muscular workout. Many gyms offer a wide variety of classes to choose from; testing out a few can be a good way to identify likes and dislikes. For those who exercise at home, consider building a fitness plan around free online workouts or exercise DVDs. To obtain a healthy level of fitness, regular exercise of any kind may be much more beneficial than rare exercise deemed to be “the best” kind.

Ideally, the best fitness plan for women is one that helps them meet their goals. Setting clear, short-term goals can help a woman stay motivated and keep working toward larger goals. For instance, while losing 10% of body weight may be a long-term goal, a short term goal might be jogging a quarter mile without stopping. As each short-term goal is met, new, more challenging goals can be set, all with the eventual aim of meeting the long term goal.

Since many people are pressed for time to exercise, choosing a fitness plan for women that is efficient can be a huge bonus. For instance, a person walking for 30 minutes will usually burn less than one who runs for 30 minutes, but the walker may be physically unable to run for that amount of time. Efficiency in a fitness plan can be boosted by adding intervals of high-intensity exercise, such as jogging, along with lower-intensity intervals. Since every woman's body is different, some may also see different results with different activities; some women may experience more weight loss or toning from 30 minutes of dance rather than 30 minutes of swimming, for instance. Efficient workouts help a person burn the most calories in the time available, but need to remain considerate of personal fitness level and goals.



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