How Do I Choose the Best Fingernail Polish?

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Fingernail polish choices are nearly endless, and choosing the best polish is often made easier by narrowing the options to fit your needs. Color is key when picking a polish, so the first step is determining whether you want the polish to match your skin tone, an outfit or both. Other considerations include drying time, durability and longevity.

Color choices range from deep, rich shades to pastels and clears. It is best to choose a color appropriate for your skin tone, the season or to match a certain outfit. Within the color palette, consider choosing cream, pearl or metallic options to create the look you desire. Glitter fingernail polish is also a popular option for a fun look, and clear or opaque polish offers nail protection and a manicured look with limited or no color. It is good to remember that chips show up much more predominately on dark nail polish colors.

It is best to choose a fingernail polish with a drying time that fits your schedule. If you're often painting your nails right before running out the door, a quick-dry polish is the best option. If you can take more time with your manicure, you may want to consider using fingernail polish which needs a top coat applied. If you have less time, consider a nail polish with a top coat included.

When fingernails are prone to chipping and splitting, the best polish is one that not only looks good, but offers protection as well. Many manufacturers sell fingernail polish specifically designed to be stronger than average polish in order to better protect nails. Fingernail polish is also available with growth stimulator and nutrients.

There are several fingernail polish options for creating a custom nail look, and the best polish for your desired look is one that is easy to use and creates the desired effect. For one-of-a-kind designs, magnetic fingernail polish is an option. Magnetic particles are embedded in the polish. Once the polish is applied, a magnet is used to move the magnetic particles around to create various patterns, swirls and lines.

If you do not want to reapply polish too often, it is best to select nail polishes that are specifically marketed for their longevity. A base boat and top coat of polish can also extend the nail color's life. Another option for fingernail polish with longevity is to choose one with ultra-violet blocker, which also helps to protect the nail color.


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