How Do I Choose the Best Financial Management Internship?

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Selecting the best financial management internship usually means more than choosing the option that is nearest to you or offers the most perks. Instead, you may do well to compare internships based on the size and reputation of the company that offers them. A large, well-respected company may not only allow you to learn more, but also may make you a more attractive job candidate. It also might be a good idea to seek an internship that exposes you to a variety of financial management topics and allows you to learn from top executives. Additionally, you could consider the job prospects an internship offers when making your choice.

One way to choose a financial management internship is to make a list of large, reputable financial companies in your area and then research their internship programs. Often, these companies are considered among the best, and participating in an internship program with one of them may mean you get the best preparation for a job. Likewise, adding a well-known, well-respected company name to your resume can go a long way toward helping you find a job once you graduate. Some employers view candidates who have completed internships with large, reputable companies as more attractive than those who interned with smaller companies without well-established reputations.


It is usually not enough to just choose a large, well-respected company when you want the best financial management internship, however. Instead, you should also consider what a program offers in terms of experience. Programs that offer you exposure to different aspects of financial management may make the best choices. You might also consider an internship that provides exposure to top-level executives attractive, as there is much you can learn from people in these positions. Additionally, an internship that allows you to spend time in analysis and decision making may help you achieve your career goals.

The content of the financial management internship you are considering may also factor into your decision. Some of the topics you might want your internship to focus on include analysis of information, financial reporting, project management, budgeting, and forecasting. Auditing and activity-based costing are also among the financial management topics you may hope to gain exposure to during an internship.

You can also consider the percentage of interns a company hires when you are trying to make the best choice. Participating in an internship with a company that has the goal of hiring most of its successful interns may give you a head start when the time comes to search for a job. Likewise, you might find a program that pledges a commitment to maintaining contact with former interns attractive. This could prove helpful for if you need references after graduation or even if you want to apply for a job with the company years later.



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