How Do I Choose the Best Film Production Internships?

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Aspiring filmmakers will often try to secure film production internships in order to establish contacts within the entertainment world and learn new skills that will prepare them for a job with a production company. Choosing among the many film production internships can be difficult, as you will need to have a solid understanding of which positions will most benefit you in your career pursuits. The best way to determine which internship is best for you is to first consider what your career goals are, what skills you would like to learn by taking the internship, and which positions will be financially feasible for you.

There are two general types of film production internships: paid and unpaid. Many aspiring filmmakers are tempted to only consider paid internships, but this may not afford you the best opportunities possible. If you are able, unpaid internships can be just as valuable, if not more valuable, than paid positions, especially if those unpaid positions are with companies for which you would be interested in working after you graduate from school or after you complete the internship. Taking an unpaid internship in your desired field will be more beneficial than taking a paid position that focuses on other areas outside of your specialty.

Make a list of companies that you would be excited to work for during the film production internships. Research any positions that may be available from these companies and read the requirements for application very carefully. Try to get your paperwork in on time or early, and make sure the application materials are all well written, clear, and concise. Take note of any deadlines, and be sure to follow up with your application before the deadline passes. It helps if you are willing to move to a different location to be near the job, as this will open up far more opportunities for you.

If the internship is job-specific, make sure your skills and career goals line up with that job. Some film production internships, for example, may focus primarily on writing scripts. If you intend to be a writer, this may work out well for you, but if you want to be an animator, this may not be the best choice. Try to find internships that fit your goals and skills, and avoid other positions that will not give you the skills or connections necessary to secure a job in the field after graduation or completion of the internship.


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